Virtual Engagement 

The Concept3D software creates an avenue for our clients to capture and exchange with those stakeholders most vital to them. Whether through location-based pop-ups, in-app (or map) notifications, form submission, dynamic hot spots, or the hundreds of other settings and functionality available through our content management system. Virtual engagement is the a catch-all feature bucket but the sum of which is the real power of the Concept3D platform since it is what creates interactivity through unique and individualized virtual experiences.

What virtual engagement feature suite is made of:

  • Timed content that displays at a scheduled interval and is saved for the next time
  • Location or category specific messaging triggered by how an end-user interacts with the 3D map
  • Forms or information capture available to begin the conversation
  • Custom branding and styles whether the 360° Tour or interactive map 
  • Hotspots as part of 360° Tour that provides another layer to a stop
  • Print options to complete the chain from physical to digital and back to physical 
  • Sharing and privacy settings to ensure the right experience for the right person
  • Audio to engage another sense 
  • Analytics tied directly into your Google Analytics to connect to the rest of your digital world
Virtual Engagement

When You Engage…

Chances are that you already have a website and digital presence at some level with your clients, employees, prospects, and stakeholders. It is not 1974 after all, but making sure the digital experience matches or even enhances their real-life experience is how the Concept3D software creates virtual engagement.    

  • Notify select staff members when web traffic engages with your map
  • Understand which messages most resonate with your audience
  • Know the type of content that “fits,” so you can personalize targeted marketing
  • Gauge the true depth of interest for any given visitor

At the Right Time…

Is there certain information or a call to action that you want to make sure every visitor sees? Content can be triggered based on what someone is looking at. Perhaps a location is closing early, and for today only. A pop-up notification can be added to ensure it is seen, just at the right time.

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