General Questions

Can I get interior 3D renderings?

We are known for our exterior 3D renderings but also create fantastic interior 3D renderings. 

Indoor 3D renderings can be used both for the interactive map and 360° Tour. For the interactive map interior renderings break into 2D, basic 3D, and detailed 3D. See examples here.  Interior renderings for 360° Tours can make a space really come to life. It is great for locations that are not yet built, have multi-uses, and generally show a space in the best possible light

What can I customize with Concept3D's virtual tour software?

Tour Builder is 360 virtual tour software.

It allows users to make their own virtual tour, a true 360 virtual tour. Within Tour Builder, for each tour stop, you can add and edit the primary tour stop image, additional images, stop description, hotspots, auto-rotate, videos, audio, and forms. Tour Builder also allows for the style, branding, and CTAs for the entire virtual tour.

Can I use the digital map for lead capture?

Yes! There are two primary ways to add lead capture through the digital map, forms and call-to-action buttons. The walking virtual tour that comes with the map, Map Tour, has a native form. The form allows for basic lead capture. Call-to-action buttons can be placed along the interactive map's top bar or through HTML on specific locations. 


What is CampusBird?

Our higher education clients and partners previously knew us as “CampusBird.” As we grew as a company, the platform grew to accommodate our clients' needs, including our 360° Tour and Tour Builder virtual tour maker. To include everyone on the growth of our products, we brought everything our higher education partners loved about CampusBird and integrated it all together in the Concept3D platform. Having one platform made our product easier to explain and now we can offer more features and solutions to everyone.

What is Concept3D?

We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. The core of our platform is our interactive map and virtual tours that can incorporate wayfinding solutions, resource tracking, space planning, and content management through location, data, and 3D.

Who does Concept3D work with?

Businesses and organizations ranging from hospitality to healthcare or higher education to telecom all turn to Concept3D for custom digital maps and 360° virtual tours. 

The question is more who needs enterprise maps and virtual tours? We define the need as anyone that needs to communicate space or location. Any business that has a built space whether a campus or factory floor can benefit from Concept3D's software. 

Our clients use the software both for internal and external use cases. Marketers use the software to attract new guests, students, and customers while operators use it to customize spaces, visualize future or remote projects, and integrate live data. 





CMS Questions

How can I make a virtual tour?

Our 360° Tour virtual tour is created by Tour Builder, a virtual tour maker. 

Anyone can make a virtual tour by for free by signing up for Tour Builder. Here are step-by-step instructions to create a virtual tour. 

The Map Tour is made via the interactive map. The Map Tour virtual tour is made in the interactive map CMS.

How do I access the CMS?

Once your interactive map is created your Client Success Manager will help to set you up with log-ins and permission levels. If you are a current client, here is a link to the CMS.

If you are a 360° Tour only client you can access your virtual tour here

How much can I update myself?

The CMS has everything in it, but it is recommended to go through training with Client Success to be able to update it yourself.  The only things you cannot update yourself are the renderings and 360° panoramas.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs allow you to bring the functionality of our platform to your website or other digital platforms.

What is Attribution?

Attribution or also known as Permission is the logo, privacy terms, and policy at the bottom of our interactive maps and virtual tours. Whether you use Mapbox or Google Street Maps or our tile server for your base tiles, these are core to the platform for authorization to use the map tiles.

What can you customize within the 3D map?

Everything but the attributions.

The core of the Concept3D platform is our CMS. This allows our clients to be able to customize the front-facing or end-user interactive map. 

Technical Questions

Does Concept3D have Single Sign On?

The interactive map CMS has single sign on authentication via Shibboleth.

This is an alternative authentication for signing into the CMS, not required. Single sign on is not available on the front-end interactive map. 

Are the virtual tours accessible?

We are committed to an accessible end-user experience including our virtual tours. We use WCAG 2.0 Level AA and Level AA as guidelines. However, some features, non-default options, and external content do not compile with Section 508.

To make our virtual tour accessible, our base functionality is accessible via keyboard and screen readers, images can have alt tag added, all system views pass color contrast, no default auto-play, lastly, audio and video have text alternatives. For more detail on this please reach out to

How to can the virtual tour be shared?

There are multiple ways to share virtual tours.

Concept3D's virtual tours, Map Tours and 360° Tours have custom share URLs. These URLs specify the virtual tour by the stop so each stop can be shared individually. 

360° Tours and Map Tours can be linked out from websites, email, mobile apps and even linked within virtual tours. 360° Tours have a hotspot type that allows interlinking within the tour and to other virtual tours. CNAMEs are also available for Map Tours.

Lastly, each virtual tour has custom iFrame HTML.

Are there analytics for 360° Tour?

You can access the virtual tour analytics of your 360° Tour with your Google Analytics ID.  This webinar, Understanding Analytics For Your Map and Tour, goes in-depth. User flow and interaction, devices, custom events, and general traffic are anonymously tracked and displayed within your Google Anayltics dashboard. 

These analytics can help to guide clients to improve the virtual tour. What stops users interact with, convert on, and next steps are all available from the virtual tour data

Can you integrate other services into the map?

We can native integrations with PI Systems, Localist, ArcGIS, Modo Labs, Ride Systems, Transloc, and DoubleMap. 

Depending on your needs and the composition of other services, additional services can be integrated. 

Is Concept3D mobile-friendly?

Yes. The interactive map and virtual tours are built with a responsive design and HTML5 to present its maps across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Still have questions?

Our team is standing by ready to answer any questions you have.