Concept3D solutions marry art and science in highly detailed, interactive 3D renderings that breathe life into the digital world.

Founded in 2006, Concept3D is now a leader in creating immersive online experiences with 3D modeling, interactive maps and virtual tours. Our products include an online experience platform developed to support marketing, sales and business processes in a countless number of industries. We support our customers with services to help them use our software effectively, and by building renderings, interactive maps and virtual tours they can use to operate more efficiently and increase revenue.


Our Values

We define ourselves through the values by which we operate:

  • Have fun. Be supportive. Work is a place where we enjoy what we do and who we do it with. Support each other.
  • Be resourceful and committed in all that you do.  Be driven to find a way. Allow constraints to focus our attention and drive efficiency.
  • Strive to amaze. We go the extra mile for our customers and each other.
  • Teamwork unites us. Combining our unique skills, perspectives and experiences allows us to reach our goals. 
  • Fill the glass. We see opportunity in everything. You can control your outlook and attitude. Be a contributor. 
  • Take time to grow, grow together.  We advance through the company we build and the problems we solve.
  • Create trust through open communication.  Ask anything, answer everything.

Meet the Concept3D Team ?>

Gordon Boyes

CEO ?>

Caitlin Finn

VP of Finance & Administration, General Counsel ?>

Zack Mertz

VP of Design & Production ?>

Robert Johnson

VP of Sales ?>

Sam Slater

Director of Marketing ?>

Carolyn Hushek

Head of Client Success ?>

Ali Crooks

Production Manager ?>

Jill Bobrick

Head of Product ?>

Murad Begmatov

Senior Developer ?>

Tim Wiedeman

VP of Business Development ?>

Darby Gelhard

Enterprise Account Executive ?>

Jared Johnston

Senior Designer ?>

Steve Janisch

Senior Designer ?>

Nissa Sobieski

Senior Designer ?>

David Duea

Graphic Designer ?>

Noah Couet

Graphic Designer ?>

Brooke Kunkel

Graphic Designer ?>

Emerson Stepp

3D Specialist ?>

Josh Coyle

Software Developer ?>

Chandler Samuels

Developer ?>

Justin Huffman

Developer ?>

Krista Handel

Software Developer ?>

Levi Miller

Software Developer ?>

Andrew Tat

Associate Product Manager ?>

Nick Vuoto

Account Executive ?>

Shane Gustman

Account Executive ?>

Brett Tesmer

Account Executive ?>

Ryan Platt

Account Executive ?>

Jason Czeskleba

Client Success Manager ?>

Courtney Place

Client Success Manager ?>

Tyler Scott

Client Success Manager ?>

David Mantelman

Client Success Manager

Higher Education Roots: CampusBird

Today, our digital mapping platform is used numerous industries from warehousing to data centers, resorts to hospitals. But the platform – the software behind Concept3D and our VR tours – started through partnership with our higher education clients. Together, we developed a platform called CampusBird. Today, the features and functionality of CampusBird have been combined into one platform, so all industries can benefits from all innovations. That platform is Concept3D.

Seeing is Believing

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