Shell Point Retirement Community

Shell Point + Concept3D

Virtual Tours

VR enabled 360-degree panorama images of real life views on any device. An interactive campus tour for the retirement community can create more buzz for guests to live their, as well as more ease to people getting around the property. 

Expert Navigation

Wayfinding capabilities from the parking lot, to a specific room number, to various amenities throughout the community. Incorporating this 3D map software really helps the residents of Shell Point navigate their home. 

Attention to Detail

Users can find directions to specific amenities, where then they can read informative descriptions, see pictures, videos, and even share the location with others. Concept3D’s service CampusBird software makes their virtual tour give precise directions on how to get to their end location.

“Our residents are getting more savvy with technology and they will certainly appreciate a tool that guides them from location to location on our campus. Concept3D's wayfinding capability was the immediate draw for us, but the map and interactive media have been valuable for depicting a bird’s eye view in print materials, or when scheduling an onsite visit. Residents, visitors and even staff find a lot of utility and functionality in Concept3d, and we often hear compliments about our beautiful map.”

Mike Haber
Digital Media Manager | Shell Point

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