A Proven Recruitment Tool: Bowling Green State University

Outdated and Obsolete

Bowling Green State University used to distribute a PDF map that served little purpose other than displaying basic locational titles. Students and visitors lacked additional information tied to those locations, such as media, descriptions, operating hours, construction updates, and other details.

Their old campus map also came up short in attracting students to learn more about the institution. Needless to say, PDF maps serve one small purpose, while an online solution may be able to serve many. BGSU began to search for a solution that could set their school and web presence apart and represent the institution appropriately. They found Concept3D’s 3D map and software intriguing and through using Campusbird they could reach their goals

“Prior to partnering with [Concetp3D], Bowling Green State University’s campus map was outdated, static and lacking in functionality compared to the virtual maps of our identified competitors. [Concetp3D]’s proven track record in enhancing the campus maps of colleges across the country, along with their easy-to-use and customizable map management application, are what convinced us that this was the tool we needed to really give our map a makeover.”

“Our new [Concept3D] map has something for everyone. It helps current students navigate to class on their first day, locate shuttles stops or find the closest dining hall…Parents and guardians are able to find their child’s residence hall and important buildings during visits, and faculty/staff can use the map to locate parking, navigate construction and find technology help desks. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our students, faculty and staff.”

Marketing Department, Bowling Green State University

“The [Concept3D] team was a pleasure to work with and their knowledge and creativity allowed us to introduce a new-and-improved, mobile-friendly map to our audience."

Marketing Department, Bowling Green State University

Meeting Students on Their Turf

BGSU realized the need for a solution that could both attract prospective students and serve current ones. With a large campus, an abundance of content to display, and recruiting initiatives becoming more prevalent, BGSU began looking for a platform that could meet their needs now, and in the future.

Virtual maps can use interactive campus tours or use data integrations to help bring students to your campus by bringing it alive. 

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